about me

eric lim // actor // producer

Hi, I’m Eric.


I’m an American dude living and working in London. I am a freshly minted graduate of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an MA in Screen Acting.


Working with hundreds of collaborators over the years, I’ve been able to take on television and film media in a variety of different ways. I love creative development having a hand in crafting exciting and expressive original work. I’ve worked both as a producer and actor-producer on self-produced shorts and features, enabling experiences from planning to delivery and exhibiting at film markets and film festivals.


But I also really love diversity in approaching projects; and love focusing my energy into tailoring my process serve directors’ visions.


Whatever the case, taking on the journey of creating screen media; whether it be years or months, or even a few days--is super rewarding. I’m just looking forward to my next opportunity to reunite with cherished collaborators, or to find myself amongst a fresh group of individuals to run alongside.


Have a look around and drop me a line if you’re down.