rock on.

This is Me.

Hey there, fella.

My name is Eric Raymond Lim, also known without my middle name as Eric Lim; and this is my little vanity corner of the internet. I’m an actor/producer and a good dude. Or I try to be. Anyway ‘Baby Under The Moon,’ has been my production company’s handle since 2008. I have a staff of myself---alone, but have an awesome group of regular collaborators that I’m honored to be learning, creating, and growing with. We have some great projects in the can that you can watch here, and we are working on some great new treats as well. As my friend and director of ‘The Forge’ Stephen Reedy says, ‘Do good work with good people.’ And I’ve been fortunate to do that so far.

So check it out, my newer stuff, I’m pretty sure is a lot better than my older stuff, but I like to archive these older projects…it's nice to know you're growing as a filmmaker.

Wanna talk about something? Shoot the breeze? Click on the little email logo on the bottom of the page, or send me a line at: